HEQ was a great opportunity for me to finally find answers to the questions that have occupied me since childhood – both spiritual and scientific in nature. In the West, these two areas are often treated as separate, but it was only through HEQ that I found answers that logically connect both fields. Throughout my journey, meditation has brought me inner calm, contentment, and even peace of mind. I feel more confident in life, and experience more joy, love, and understanding towards all living beings.

Vivienne Ammenwerth

I am so happy to have met Master Li and started my study at HEQ, for its genuine and deep approach is exactly what I was looking for. Pearls of knowledge and practices that awaken psychic and physical abilities. For example opening the Third Eye ability and experiencing the powerful feeling of Qi flowing in the Microcosmic Orbit. I recommend this study to everyone!

Maira Al MaionLevel 1 Student

Even though I’m still at the beginning of my journey, practicing just the exercises of level one has given me major improvements in body circulation, mental clarity and increased sensitivity to Qi. I recommend HEQ to anyone looking to improve their life.

Nicolò VinzioLevel 1 Student

I have been a student of the Tao for almost twenty years and what I have learned with Shifu over the past six months has given valuable context to my previous experiences while revealing the pieces I was missing to complete my cultivation. Shifu’s knowledge and guidance has helped me stabilize my abilities, dispel negative emotions, and has given me the tools I need to accomplish my spiritual purpose. I am forever grateful to him and excited to discover what unfolds as I continue to deepen my practice.

Rachael JohnsonLevel 5 Student

HEQ’s techniques are excellent, legitimate, and genuine. Master Li’s clarity and skill has helped me deeply understand and perform techniques correctly that I could not have learned from a book. If you’re ready to begin cultivation, or if you’re an advanced practitioner interested in deepening your skills, I would recommend you spend some time with Master Li.

Jake MingenbachLevel 1 Student

I practiced Taichi, Qigong, and later started practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, but it was with HEQ that I truly came to integrate this knowledge. HEQ brought me connection and allowed me to develop healing skills and self-knowledge. Master Li leads us in this learning with much clarity and kindness, and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to study with him.

Marta MartinsLevel 2 Student