EACT was a great opportunity for me to finally find answers to the questions that have passionately occupied me since childhood – both spiritual and scientific in nature. In the West, these two areas are often treated as separate, but it was only through EACT that I found answers that logically connect both fields. I have often challenged my master with questions, considerations, and critical doubts, but have always received logical and applicable answers.

Throughout my journey, meditation has brought me inner calm, contentment, and even peace of mind. I feel more confident in life, and experience more joy, love, and understanding towards all living beings. And now, I no longer just hope, but gratefully know and have proven that there are indeed ‘more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’ (Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’).

Vivienne AmmenwerthLevel 5 student

As a child, I was already pondering the mysteries of the universe. As I grew older, I explored various healing and cultivation techniques. I became a Reiki Master, learned Divine Spiritual Alignment, and other healing techniques that allowed me to help hundreds of people. I also practiced pranic nourishment for 70 days. Each time I embarked on a new experience, I hoped it would fulfill my spiritual growth desires, only to be let down by the results. However, my search came to an end when I met Master Li. From our first interaction, I knew he was the master I had been seeking – the gateway to the liberation of my soul. I started as a first-level student, and in a very short time, I advanced to the fifth level. I became a disciple of EACT, and Shifu Li imparted to me deep techniques for soul cultivation. In no time, my Yang Shen emerged, giving me the ability to connect with the universal consciousness. Thanks to the founder of EACT and Shifu Li, I finally know that I am on the right path.

Edgardo BonazziLevel 5 student

Expect the unexpected!

I had never been interested in Asian ethics, philosophy, or religion. However, when my friend asked me to experience the Gong provided by Master Li, I encountered something fascinating that led me to attend Mr. Li’s classes. There, I learned about energy, meditation methods, and the Yang Shen. All the teachings had a strong effect on my body, mind, and awareness. I learned to produce innate Qi, funneling it up my energetic system to develop my Yang Shen.

With the Master’s support, I progressed very quickly, and new universes opened up to me, full of learning, knowledge, and deeply moving experiences. I feel guided and protected in my development, and I am grateful for being given this opportunity to expand my being in this life.

Dagmar StritzkeLevel 5 Student

Starting my qigong journey at a young age, I learned to open up kundalini energies from a Qigong Master in 2000. Later, a Neigong teacher taught me the foundation of daoist alchemy to form a light body. Though it remained a mystery, I continued practicing on my own. In early 2022, feeling something missing in my life, I prayed for guidance and found Master Li. With his guidance, I successfully cultivated my Yang Shen, and now I can fly to other realms and places to gather Qi and help others. Grateful for Shifu Li and EACT, I am glad to be a second-generation disciple to further my relationship with Divine. I’m learning what I’ve been trying to learn for the past 20 year.

Troy MarshLevel 5 Student

I have been looking for Master Li my entire life without knowing it. I can finally cultivate fully while still living in the 3D world. I will be forever in gratitude to EACT and the huge impact this has had on me. This is the missing puzzle piece.

KaterinaLevel 5 Student

I have been studying authentic Qigong and Chinese healing arts from several masters for more than 20 years now. I always hoped to find a skillful Master which would guide me more individually for a longer period of time to help me to achieve my spiritual goals. Luckily, I met Shifu Li in 2022. He taught me more simple and yet more powerful techniques for gaining Qi and wisdom and assisted me to accelerate my self-development tremendously. His detailed explanations helped my critical, scientific thinking. With Master Li´s profound skills and wisdom, I was able to achieve the embryonic breathing, to prolong my Bigu practice, improve my own healing skills in working with clients, and to expand my understanding of the inner cultivation process and the Dao itself.

Eike F. WiltsLevel 5 Student

I have done many forms of Nei Gong with several different teachers since 2007. I have not had success with any of those styles as I experienced with Master Li.
I was first introduced to Master Li through Troy Marsh, and in my first Zoom meeting, I could feel something highly different and yet full of love emanating from Master Li. It was only through a miracle after my third session that my Yang Shen came out.
Through Master Li my internal alchemy and experiences have skyrocketed, and my dreams are coming true. I am beyond grateful to Shifu Li for creating this opportunity and for being immovable in his resolve to persevere to bring this opportunity to me and to all of us.
Thank you from my heart.

Paul QuilterLevel 5 Student

As a seasoned practitioner and teacher of Qigong, encountering Master Li and EACT marked a significant milestone in my journey. Here, I’ve been able to further my cultivation, equipped with a comprehensive system that encompasses everything I need for this life and beyond – from the basics to the intricate. Master Li’s knowledge and prowess in this field are exceedingly rare and highly revered worldwide. Under his guidance, I’ve advanced to a level 5 student and successfully manifested my Yang Shen. If you are genuinely interested in delving deep and unraveling the mysteries of Asian cultivation methods, you’ve indeed found the perfect place. I couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Thomas MurerLevel 5 Student