As a seasoned practitioner and Qigong teacher, encountering Master Li and HEQ marked a significant milestone in my journey. Master Li’s knowledge and prowess in this field are exceedingly rare and highly revered worldwide. If you are genuinely interested in delving deep and unraveling the mysteries of Asian cultivation methods, you’ve indeed found the perfect place. I couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Thomas Murer

Starting my Qigong journey at a young age, I learned to open up kundalini energies from a Qigong Master in 2000. Later, a Neigong teacher taught me the foundation of daoist alchemy. Though it remained a mystery, I continued practicing on my own. In early 2022, feeling something missing in my life, I prayed for guidance and found Master Li. With his guidance, I’m finally learning what I’ve been trying to learn for the past twenty years.

Troy MarshLevel 5 Student

I have been studying authentic Qigong and Chinese healing arts from several masters for more than twenty years now. I always hoped to find a skillful Master which would guide me and help me to achieve my spiritual goals. Luckily, I met Shifu Li in 2022. He taught me more simple and yet more powerful techniques that accelerated my self-development tremendously. With his profound skills and wisdom, I was able to achieve the embryonic breathing, to prolong my Bigu practice, improve my Qi healing skills in working with clients, and to expand my understanding of the inner cultivation process and the Dao itself.

Eike F. WiltsLevel 5 Student

I have done many forms of Nei Gong with several different teachers since 2007. I have not had success with any of those styles as I experienced with Master Li. By practicing HEQ my internal alchemy and experiences have skyrocketed.

Paul QuilterLevel 5 Student